Curriculum – Gajera International Katargam


Curriculum plays a very important role as we at believe that learning is not just about teaching, books and lessons but much more than that.
Emphasis is more on the overall development of the child, as we understand that schooling is the time in the life of every child, which influences their future.
Gajera International School has a curriculum that is integrated. The curriculum is concept oriented rather than exam oriented, which caters to the overall development of a child. The integrated curriculum not only concentrates on the academics but also on the qualitative development of every individual child.
The medium of instruction at Gajera International School is English, and the curricula we follow are in accordance with the CBSE. However, the real crux of education at Gajera International School lies in how we choose to bring this universe of knowledge to our students. Through an environment that encourages a lightness of spirit. A hunger to discover. A desire to know through exploration, through experimenting, through debate and through interactions that encourage independent thought.